Friday, December 11, 2009

Its a multi step process.

Somewhere along the way, someone noted that my work was simple but well designed. Hmm. However the comment was intended I chose to accept it as:
1. A fact. I do tend toward simple lines in my designs.
2. A challenge. Time to stretch a little further.

I started this particular necklace a couple weeks ago and posted part 1 on November 17 . This is the first time I have re-cured the same piece as I added different elements and the first time I used liquid polymer.

Now the box has a distressed grey back and a textured piece that will get inset.

Almost done. Not groundbreaking but a good exercise.


  1. your work is so very gorgeous... i truly love the effects you create... the stone upon stone have got to be some of my favorites... you know what i really appreciate? how you can take a plastic and make it so very organic... beautiful work as always...

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I really like your style. Yes, simple in lines but intriguing for eyes with textures and effects.

  3. I tend to be a fan of simple. I find the aesthetic very pleasing. The trick is in the details and the design.... which of course you do so well.

    I also like this venture. As much as you've added different elements, it still has a very simple aesthetic. (and that's meant as a compliment!) Lovely!

  4. Dear Genevieve - I love your outlook on life (challenging yourself to grow), and how your mind works (matter of fact and unfussy). At least this is how you seem to me and I am complimenting you!! :) Your work is wonderful in the fact it is simple but soooooo textured and detailed. I love what you do with polymer clay in how it looks so organic when you are done.

    Kudos on your new piece - the pendant is lovely.
    One of your new friends,

  5. I am a BIG fan of your work, and I don't wear jewelry much at all. Simple, perhaps-but there is so much depth and texture in your pieces that the concept is unmistakably complex.

  6. I too am a big fan of your work, perhaps just because I always make my work overly complicated. I am continually try to remind myself that less is sometimes more.

    Perhaps we just need to remember that creating stuff is a constant see-saw act between our personal limits.

  7. Wow - you all are amazingly encouraging! Thank you, thank you!