Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a little reminder

My young neighbors came to see my demo day at the museum last month. They purchased their own hot pink polymer clay the following day and mimicked my demonstrations for their mom. How cute is that? I made time for them to come to my studio last weekend, to use my tools and get a short "lesson". Turns out I got the lesson.

After going over the the basics I set out a bunch of tools and let them have at it while I worked on some carved rings. After about 20 mins. I started asking what they would like to make. "Beads!" I said. "How about a pile of pink beads to string?" A pendant? A ring? They weren't interested. A little frustrated I asked "then what do you want to DO?" The younger of the two girls said quite matter-of-factly "well...we just want to PLAY of course."


  1. I remember vividly what "just playing" was like. It was just being which is great. Lovely post.

  2. Lovely story, and I just LOVE the photos. The little hands in the first shot, the bends of the fingers...just so sweet!!!