Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not so bad

All in all, we made it through the storm really well, especially compared to some of the folks in New York and New Jersey - our hearts just go out to them. 

I knew that the skylight needed to be replaced but I think this moves our timeframe up a bit. Not sure we can accomplish it before winter but something has to happen by spring at the latest. Unfortunately the whole thing may have to go and be replaced with a dormer of some sort.  I will really miss all that natural light.


  1. Glad the worst of Hurricane Sandy passed you by.

    Love the colours of the jewellery, especially in the reused, recycled post. Lesley

  2. Me too - its was very tense waiting for the storm to come ashore. Thanks to those of you who commented or emailed!
    Now I am just left feeling horrible for everybody north of us. NYC is not that far away and yet they are in such a different position now.

  3. So glad to hear you are fine Genevieve. What a storm though. I loved that part of your emergency preparation was having beads ready. A woman after my own heart. Hugs, Wendy