Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The next steps with shapes

I started cutting some shapes using the paper patterns that I made last week,  adding surface treatment, putting some shapes together.

I kind of saw most of these as earring parts but there might be be necklace possibilities here too.

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  1. that teal piece is such an amazing colour! Could you tell me the blend you used?

  2. love! esp the turquoise one bottom right and the dark ones next to it :)

  3. Hevic, I don't record color recipes - I just always save a piece of the clay and mix new clay to match. But basically its turquoise and grey and then green added slowly until the color is right. Its a very "mint" kind of turquoise.

  4. Oooooh. Love them all Genevieve but especially the mottled looking blue and mint longer shapes. You MUST make at least one necklace! Leaving here in a week and am a little sad to be leaving the gang although keen to reconnect with family at home. Wonderful time and will email soon! Hugs, Wendy