Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It will get worse before it gets better

The next photo is indeed proof of that statement.

I thought we should take photos after we had made the studio really messy. That way ANYTHING would be an improvement. We couldn't completely clear the room so at first it felt like rubics cube...things were moving but there still isn't any empty space! I'm afraid it looks like we are hoarders and require intervention. But things are getting better.

This will be the metal/solder/clay oven area - the far side of the room in the first photo. Hate to the lose the window but thats where the vent will go. The work table is an IKEA hack. We purchased the wooden shelves when we got married and they've served so many purposes. Here they have been cut in 1/2 and have a plain interior door for a work surface. And thats my new portable jewelers bench there a top it. To the left of the window will be the solder station.

On the opposite side of the room (where Kyle stood to take that first "help I am buried in my stuff!" shot) ) we'll have the generalized storage area. The entire family uses this room but we had sorely neglected this fact, with lack of dedicated, organized, storage space for art supplies. We regularly have googley eyes, yarn, wool, card stock, oil paints, pastels, oil paint...lets put it this way, if you are out of something, let me know. We took the other parts of the IKEA shelves and added a corner.

Hopefully we'll get a lot more finished by the weekend.


  1. Re-orginization---that's what I need to do w/my studio to find the time to sort it all out!

  2. We are finding that it doesn't take a lot of money, Michelle, but it does take A LOT of time and also, I would say, good planning.

  3. I am in the middle of my reorganization and I started with great I just want it over! =)