Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

We spent yesterday morning shoveling and I am paying for it today. My biceps, hurt not my back, so I guess that means that I lifted correctly. Isabel here didn't help shovel at all which is a shame because she loves to be out in the snow!

The studio is looking much better although its still...not...completely...finished. Last night I sorted through partially finished work (gosh, there is a good bit) and through the pile of pieces that didn't work out for whatever reason (and gosh that was depressing). I am very hard on myself about wasting supplies so this was especially difficult. But on a positive note I now have a small bag of sterling silver to recycle, a pile of yucky beads that will be perfect for practicing carving and the makings of several necklaces and bracelets.

I'll re-open my Etsy shop on Feb. 3.


  1. Well done on getting organised Genevieve - restoring order is so rewarding (I must try it)! Have a good weekend. Lesley

  2. the picture of your dog is priceless!