Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On other fronts

I'm doing some graphic work on the side for my brother in law who is starting his own business. Sam helped me out here.

And I am preparing for a big graduation party for my "model", Ema. Ah! My model with be going to college this fall! Had a hearty cry about it yesterday - brought on by the thought of not having a model but really centered more on the fact that my first born is preparing to leave home. (I'll be listing this new ring soon.)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the 'puzzliness' of the ring - the graphic quality coming from only coloring some facets - wonderful! Truly, I can't imagine my daughter leaving, it is hard...

  2. Oh I feel for you... with Ema leaving for school.... (((HUGS)))

    Looking forward to seeing that ring up and closer in a listing! It looks lovely!

  3. gosh that must be a little unsettling to have your baby move on to the next thing.
    it is autumn here, actually it feels like it's gone straight to winter, so i was dreaming a bit with that treasury!
    have a fun week :)