Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Partner in Polymer

My high school art teacher husband is adding a polymer clay unit to his 3D design course (pretty forwarding thinking of him, eh?) so he's been invading my space lately.

Its nice to have company in the studio, especially clever company who thinks of new ideas and likes to solve problems. He's making his way through certain skills trying to narrow down the ones he will teach while keeping his expectation of what the students will do with those skills wide open. Unfortunately its all too easy to teach a skill, show an example...and then just end up with 24 copies of that example. He encourages creativity above all and of course, polymer clay willingly obliges.


  1. So great...hope they have fun! What am I thinking - how could they not?

  2. fun!! what a great thing to include in his course.
    enjoy working together :)