Friday, May 4, 2012

There's been a spill

Last year I read a quote by Malcolm Gladwell in a blog post by Steven Ford. "The game is what you catch, not what you spill."  I found it helpful to repeat this to myself while working through my project design for Cynthia Tinapple's upcoming book.  How often have I slowed my progress because I've been afraid to spill?

So much good, more than just the project design, came from my new debris pile and many mistakes over the past 3 months. These earrings and others will be showing up in the coming weeks,  I think, as new ideas coalesce.


  1. I really like that last quote: ”Inspiration does exist, but she must find you working“

    Too true.

  2. Love your work. When is this book coming out? Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Thank you Patricia! The book will be coming out sometime early next year. When there's an official title and a publish date I'll be sure to post about!