Thursday, January 28, 2010

"The Inventions of God"

Two weekends ago my husband and I headed to the beach for a short get away. The Jersey shore in January isn't exactly a hub of activity which of course is part of the charm. No crowds. No hurry. The ocean's ebb and flow is comforting, like a heartbeat. The vast expanse of sea and sky, a reminder that the world is large and I am small...and so certainly are my problems.

The beach held many treasures, "inventions of God" according to John Muir.

We found these whelk egg cases and were both immediately struck at how much my flat, translucent polymer beads mimic them. Did I see one of these as a child, hide the image in my memory until one day when it found its way out on its own? I don't know. But I feel like there is some kind of creative connection that I intend to continue to explore further.

The boardwalk in Wildwood was eery and fantastic.

My husband took the photos for this post. You can find new work from him daily at his new art blog.


  1. i just adore this necklace, and i love to see the inspiration from which it came! your beads look just like that stuff you found on the beach. nice.
    you rock.

  2. I think this is why I read blogs, hoping to find posts like this. Looking for some link - a mood, a layer or a kernel of substance. A part of the puzzle that you can now see. Thanks.

  3. Love everything about this post... the mood, the writing, the photographs...and your work.

    What a striking comparison between the two... the welk cases and your beads.

    You are very much in tune with the patterns of nature.