Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excellent design

I just had to post about UnaOdd's new faceted rings. Although composed of 2 different materials, wood and polymer, she has put them together in such a way that there is absolutely nothing contrived or artificial about the end result. It is as if the wood and polymer were SUPPOSE to be together all along.

There is now a size 4.25 Fiery Orange one ready in her shop!


  1. They are fun :). I can't see where the wood ends and the PC begins, it's really clever.

  2. So very, very cool! I like to imagine beautiful Lynn at the grinder, covered in polymer and wood dust!

  3. Ah yes, but do not let her elegant beauty fool you! She's not afraid to get her hands dirty!

  4. ***Blush***
    Elegant beauty!? Are we talking about the same person? ;^D

    Thank you Gen for this lovely article. It's fun to do, but I need to stop all this 'sperimenting and start working.