Thursday, February 3, 2011

Up and running

I re-opened my Etsy shop today and have an updated banner and avatar...the look of things to come hopefully.

{Sediment Bracelet}

My hiatus didn't go exactly as planned, probably because my planning wasn't very realistic. Family and household won out many a day. Children don't stay children forever.

Beyond that I cleaned and cleaned and tackled several boring jobs like reorganizing how I keep track of business finances (ok, my husband did that part). I divised a new way to store post earrings. Accordion folded drawing paper and a mini hole punch did the trick (printer paper is too thin and cardstock is too thick). You can stack several and put them in a shallow box or draw.

I've been pretty haphazard about storing finished work up until now. I'd love to hear your creative ideas for storage!

I did manage to get some new pieces started and finished. I hope to complete this Landscape necklace over the weekend.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great idea for the earrings.
    The bracelet and 'Landscape' leave me without words, in a wonderful way.
    Can't wait to see the necklace finished.

  2. The sediment bracelet is great!!

  3. i echo many of your feelings - the pull between soulful work of creating and soulful work of mothering...
    glad you got some things cleaned up, cleared up and organized... i like your earring storage solution... i am not very good at keeping track of finished work either...
    i really love the new bracelet and looking forward to seeing the finished necklace...

  4. Gorgeous. I love your earring baking jig, very clever. The sediment bracelet is BRILLIANT.