Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What is the missing element on this Landscape necklace?
Idea one: middle of the road approach, a swirled layer of dark blues, a landmass at the horizon.

Idea two: discordant, craggy layers. Sometimes this kind of thing really works for me.

I think the winner is idea three: minimal. I did some nighttime landscape drawing in charcoal in college and this reminds me of that.

Kyle bought a thermometer with a probe and an alarm and I'll be testing the oven with that today to find out if I am having any temperature spikes.


  1. Have you thought of using a Halogen oven? I think they use them a lot in Europe - I emailed Christine from Viola as she had written a glowing review about the reliability and constancy of her oven. I asked her if she still felt the samw way about her oven 6 months later - will let you know what she says. They aren't that expensive and apparently use less electricity too.
    You can look at one here:

  2. love your decision genevieve - and the new background with the bracelet is so wonderful!

  3. I agree with your minimal landscape decision. Bet it's fun to wear. So glad that I followed a link at PCD and found your website. Really enjoyed reading your blog and visiting your Etsy shop. As I was reading about you I discovered that (I think) your live in Southern York County, PA. I'm guessing maybe New Freedom, from the comment you made about Landreth seeds. I recently moved away from Wrightsville (York Country) after living there for 30-something years. Miss it, but not the snow you folks have had this winter. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!