Monday, February 7, 2011

Whoa Nellie!

What on earth happened Saturday? I mean, I know what happened - the polymer clay not only burned it melted! But HOW did this happen?

At the correct time I took these out, held my breath, checked the oven temp. (it was correct), turned off the oven and left the room. Thank God I was running my makeshift vent (fan/open window). But the thermometer saying 278F has me stumped. HOW did this happen? Everything should have been fine!

I started running tests using two thermometers and test curing several pieces from the same black clay. My husband thinks that possibly we had a power surge (we had a lot of ice that day) and the oven spiked. The other theory is that I am overtaxing a $75 oven that is only made to toast a bagel a couple times per week. Either theory is a bit distressing because now I don't trust the oven. If something burns again of course I'll know it but what if the temp. dips too low and I end up with improperly cured pieces? Ugh, more tests.


  1. How maddening for you! I use my regular oven and put the clay in a covered pan, or on a bead rack wrapped in aluminium foil. So far I only had one lot of beads that crumbled, meaning I didn't bake them enough. I've now increased the time I bake for and haven't had it happen again. It must have got really hot somehow to do that to your clay!

  2. Whoa Nellie indeed!

    What a shame to lose work. A surge is likely. Several years ago we had a surge during an ice storm and it killed part of our furnace.

    Maybe plug into a surge protector strip?

  3. What a shame to lose your work. A few weeks ago PC friend of mine had a fire in her toaster oven and she was just lucky that she caught it in time. Don't know if I'm allowed to put a URL here, but in case, here's her report:

    Guess you were both very lucky that everything (but your work) is still OK!