Friday, July 30, 2010

Where has the time gone?

We tend to choose "off the beaten track" as a travel destination. Thing is, I find it incredibly difficult to get back on the track again at least in the area of technology. (Is that such a bad thing?) At any rate, sorry to those of you who noticed the month long gap here.

Our interest in remote islands continues. At the beginning of July we went to Matinicus Island, Maine. Twenty-two miles out to sea it is quite simply a lobstering village on a 2 x 1 mile island. Just fifty people call it their year round home. No paved streets, no street lights and a one room school. No commercial anything (although they do have a one room store and a one room bakery). We got there by water taxi and came home by ferry although most people and supplies travel via single engine plane.

Our days were quiet and slow. Time was measured by sun and tide. We left our car on the mainland and explored the island on foot. Most days we had South Sandy Beach to ourselves.

My miniature cairns - the tallest being about 3 inches. (oh my yes, you'll be seeing some polymer stones soon!)

Ben's cairn - he is a master of balance.

We ordered zero carbon lobster by standing on the rocky shore and holding up a finger for every lobster. They were $5/lb. and were delivered to our house later in the day.

Locals apologized for the fog. "Its Maine," we said, "we CAME for the fog!"