Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have my first carved piece (earrings) finished and posted on my shop.

Part of the way through the process the design changed. The top photo shows my original plan for the drop (top left) and the bottom two show how the earrings eventually came out. This happens a lot with me. I sometimes think "it must look like I have no plan" but the truth is I always start with a plan...I am just very willing to change it if things head another direction.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O Tannenbaum

Thought I would share the trimming of our Christmas tree. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to include a cup of hot chocolate and homemade ginger cookies for you.

My husband and I made the train garden two years ago. The whole thing is covered in glitter and its magical at night.

And these are my favorite ornaments. My husband made them for our first Christmas. This year they are adoring the front stairs.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Its a multi step process.

Somewhere along the way, someone noted that my work was simple but well designed. Hmm. However the comment was intended I chose to accept it as:
1. A fact. I do tend toward simple lines in my designs.
2. A challenge. Time to stretch a little further.

I started this particular necklace a couple weeks ago and posted part 1 on November 17 . This is the first time I have re-cured the same piece as I added different elements and the first time I used liquid polymer.

Now the box has a distressed grey back and a textured piece that will get inset.

Almost done. Not groundbreaking but a good exercise.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have a thing for rings

I have a growing collection and a keen interest in more exotic varieties. I often match my clothing to my ring, not my ring to my clothing. Perhaps that gives you a better picture of my weakness.

You'll understand my excitement when visiting UnaOdd's studio over Thanksgiving weekend and finding one of these little, engraved, acrylic numbers on her work table! I gave the proto-type a test drive.

I was thrilled to see she had started posting them to her shop. At just $12 each they are a real deal! They are comfortable and sturdy but so amazingly light weight! Which one should I get?

If you share my weakness for rings also check out The Carrot Box!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FREE shipping extended

No exciting reading here. Just a flat out commercial.

I decided to extend my free shipping through today. (FREE shipping for orders over $25)

Three pairs of $12 posts for $30 extends until Christmas. I will package those all together or in three separate boxes, if you wish.