Thursday, July 28, 2011

Into the woods...

School starts in 2 weeks so we're packing in all the fun. Today - sailing. Tomorrow - the zoo. I'll probably only have a couple more full days in the studio.

A belated thank you to Heather Kent! It was very nice to find a photo of my work over at her blog last week. She has nice interviews too. Below is one of her new hand painted lockets - I lean toward all things woodland. She has a wide variety of images (from hedgehogs to red velvet cake) available on pendants, rings, earrings and even cufflinks.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last year sometime I heard someone (and I honestly can't remember who) say slightly snidely "Well! You don't want finger prints in your polymer clay!" and that did it for me. I started working on beads that had my finger prints as their texture.

Lately I've been wrestling with the big ideas of copying and being authentic and how can any of us ever be sure we aren't unwittingly using too much of someone else's idea, what with the overwhelming number of visual images we have access to EVERY SINGLE DAY. Angst.

It seemed like the right time to finally complete and post this necklace. The white beads are made with my finger prints. No one can copy my fingerprints but if someone would copy the beads they will be forced to use THEIR OWN finger prints. I enjoy the irony.