Saturday, October 23, 2010


We've logged 18 hours in the car in the past two weeks visiting colleges with our daughter, started a new art program with our boys and I've start negotiating my way into the world of wholesale. (More on that when things get sorted out.)

Amazingly all this seemingly mundane stuff can be quite inspirational (well...we did drive through Vermont in autumn) but it hasn't allowed for much time in the studio. I am working on new rings though, trying to thin the band and add variety to the shape.

(Sam says he prefers working in polymer but 15 mins. of observational drawing every day is really helping him make progress in drawing!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Here comes the sun

Sunshine finally. It had been raining here in our part of PA for 24 hrs., give or take. I've not seen rain like that since we spent the summer on Saint Helena, where its location in the Trade Winds make that amount rain reasonable. Here...not so much. It was quite amazing though and we awoke to an explosion of mushrooms in the yard. So my youngest son and I started our day with fungi identification and I decided that this is the best way to start the day, not with fungi necessarily but with "wonder".
Soon afterward, with Samuel tucked into grammar, I checked Polymer Clay Daily only to find my Chrysanthemum rings as one of Cynthia's fall picks. (Could clicking PCD on the toolbar and seeing one of my pieces pop up ever get, no, I doubt it!)
Despite the early morning ramble I got so much finished (school and home and otherwise) and I'm headed to the studio for a bit after dinner. I feel myself...heading in a direction. I finished this piece for New Freedom Fest. Its a pin. It didn't sell (I am secretly please...I like it.)

Here are the other "landscapes" that I've started. Landscapes? Are they? I think they might be. I see them as pins/walls hangings. Maybe pins and wall hangings. Maybe pins you take off and hang on the wall. I've been greatly drawn to NON jewelry work lately, namely landscape paintings and sculpture. The grey ones in the upper left and lower right corners are larger slabs of clay that I cut apart and then reassemble. (The same with the feather textured pieces .)