Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

We spent yesterday morning shoveling and I am paying for it today. My biceps, hurt not my back, so I guess that means that I lifted correctly. Isabel here didn't help shovel at all which is a shame because she loves to be out in the snow!

The studio is looking much better although its still...not...completely...finished. Last night I sorted through partially finished work (gosh, there is a good bit) and through the pile of pieces that didn't work out for whatever reason (and gosh that was depressing). I am very hard on myself about wasting supplies so this was especially difficult. But on a positive note I now have a small bag of sterling silver to recycle, a pile of yucky beads that will be perfect for practicing carving and the makings of several necklaces and bracelets.

I'll re-open my Etsy shop on Feb. 3.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It will get worse before it gets better

The next photo is indeed proof of that statement.

I thought we should take photos after we had made the studio really messy. That way ANYTHING would be an improvement. We couldn't completely clear the room so at first it felt like rubics cube...things were moving but there still isn't any empty space! I'm afraid it looks like we are hoarders and require intervention. But things are getting better.

This will be the metal/solder/clay oven area - the far side of the room in the first photo. Hate to the lose the window but thats where the vent will go. The work table is an IKEA hack. We purchased the wooden shelves when we got married and they've served so many purposes. Here they have been cut in 1/2 and have a plain interior door for a work surface. And thats my new portable jewelers bench there a top it. To the left of the window will be the solder station.

On the opposite side of the room (where Kyle stood to take that first "help I am buried in my stuff!" shot) ) we'll have the generalized storage area. The entire family uses this room but we had sorely neglected this fact, with lack of dedicated, organized, storage space for art supplies. We regularly have googley eyes, yarn, wool, card stock, oil paints, pastels, oil paint...lets put it this way, if you are out of something, let me know. We took the other parts of the IKEA shelves and added a corner.

Hopefully we'll get a lot more finished by the weekend.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Road trip

Several days before Christmas I packed the kids and my parents into the van for a long day of fun - shopping at a discount Amish grocery store and my first visit to terrain. Ema served as my official photographer and here is a brief account.

We packed the back of the van with great deals from BB 's Grocery Outlet, headed to lunch at Andrew Wyeth's favorite lunch spot (portobello burger for me) and made it to terrain around 2pm. I had contacted the buyer hoping to meet her but unfortunately she was away. Samuel asked if we should be in stealth mode and I told him 'no' we weren't on an undercover mission... nor was I going to introduce myself. The friendly staff was quite busy, being 4 days out from Christmas.

The store is beautiful and amazingly cohesive, with no detail left to chance - think Anthropologie's earthy big sister with an emphasis on all things garden. I felt like I fit there visually with lots of green, grey and brown, concrete, wood and stone. Still, its a bit surreal.

I was very pleased to find a selection from D. Landreth Heirloom Seed Company for sale. Landreth's is the oldest seed house in America and is located just blocks from my house.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Newer than expected

Something about the New Year compels me to rip rooms apart.
I had planned for January 2011 to be the time do so in my studio but my husband pushed things one step further by purchasing a torch and jewelers bench for me for Christmas. (He certainly knows the way to this woman's heart!) So we are now taking the whole room apart, installing new shelving, lighting, a solder station and ventilation.

All I have to show for it right now is a room in disarray (no photo - use your imagination) and a few things I was working on right before we started to make a mess.

I purchased these lovely, lovely tools from Celie Fago's Etsy shop. I really enjoy carving! Celie even provides a companion carving tutorial on her blog.

Perhaps I'll do some before and after or progress photos of the studio.