Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An "a-ha" Moment

I was very excited to receive a package of ring blanks and one bracelet blank over Thanksgiving weekend.

I had the chance to try out setting some polymer down in the bezels and I am thrilled with the results. I am a trained metalsmith (without a working studio at the moment) and I suffer from a bit of frustration as I 'think' in metal but that doesn't always translate into polymer. You can make similar things but the working methods are quite different. I am purchasing metal pieces (that I know how to make...argh!) and adding in polymer. I enjoy each little baby step though.

I feel tempted to keep these two rings but the point is...to fill the Etsy shop. So these will be posted soon.

Poppy Ring on...(what should I call that background? Its actually the texture from the seat of an IKEA stool but thats TOO long and decidedly un-catchy!)

(with a nod to Whitman...) Leaves of Grass on Linen.

This is now an "idea" that I will begin to use for bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings...

Ah...bask in the glow of new ideas ...but just for a moment because today I won't make it into the studio at all. (waaaah!) Instead I will teach math and phonics and do laundry and run errands.


  1. wow! I am absolutely smitten with these rings! Fabulous!!!!

  2. these rings are fabulous! it must be terribly frusterating to be without the tools you need to metalsmith, i really sympathize. it took me over a year to save up and accumulate the "bare essentials" of a metalsmiths bench and tools. i highly commend your skills with working with what you can get your hands on though, it really looks like texture rolled or pressed metal.

    being homeschooled myself until the age of 13, i also commend you in this area! some people thought that i would miss out on the social aspects of public or private school, but now that mother has passed on, i wouldn't take back that time with her for ANYTHING. also, i truely believe it was the best education i could have ever received, in even the best of private schools!

    i wish you the best of luck!