Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perfect Timing?

Amidst a day of laundry, packing, maps and the lashing down of boats it seemed like a perfect time to stop and do a t-shirt transfer project! (Ok, you want the truth? The truth is I've been telling my daughter I would help her with this for two weeks and wanted to complete it for her before we left for vacation.)

My son is developing such an interesting style to his drawing. He did these little houses about a month ago. My daughter decided they would work just great along the bottom hem of a t-shirt. We scanned the images and printed them out on Avery Inkjet Transfer paper. We came up with a fantastic finished project!

We are headed to Maine tomorrow for a two week holiday. I will struggle being away from the studio but I think the distance will make me concentrate on things I have been neglecting like drawing and reading...and dreaming. I expected to come home refreshed and energized!


  1. And the talent passes on....knowing how talented you both are it is no surprise! Lovely quality to those little houses, and really fun project!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I agree with Lynn! Love, love, love the drawings.

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful vacation with some relaxing moments mixed in. xox