Friday, October 30, 2009

Mind the Gap!

Never make the assumption that lack of posts on a blog (especially my blog) means that there is nothing going on worth posting about. More often than not it means the exact opposite.

The day after my last post, I was on the main page of Scoutie Girl and Polymer Clay Daily! My Etsy shop was busy, my in box was busy and my blog got more comments that normal (all this while I was away in Washington D.C.). Not only did I sell the large necklace that was posted on Polymer Clay Daily, the customer also ordered a matching bracelet. Then I got another custom order and was also hired to make the jewelry for all the bridesmaids in a wedding. I pondered how to relate exposure to sales. I pondered if I will ever make anything as good as what I see in my head. I pondered and I worked. I worked and I pondered.

A very big thanks to Tara at Scoutie Girl! She also manages Handmade in PA where we first "met". She chose my earrings for a gift guide one day and had them on the main page the next and I made several sales thanks directly to those post. Do not underestimate the power of a well followed blog.

My spot on Polymer Clay Daily is frankly a big deal to me (pardon, I am going to gush) . This is the place where I go everyday to see whats happening in the world of polymer so to BE there, in the company of all those amazing artists...well...that's something! Thank You Cynthia Tinapple! What a great encouragement your posts have been to me! I can almost hear your voice while I work, "keeping going, keep going...".


  1. so happy to hear all of your wonderful news! i really love the grey tone pebble/stone series... beautiful - and some pieces i may need to acquire! congrats!

  2. Congratulations on your success and accomplishments-they are well deserved! Your jewelry rocks!

  3. Simplicity is always a winner! Love these earings and am very happy that Cynthia wrote about you because that is where I found you! And thanks for your comment on my tutorial because it makes me hear your voice saying "keep going, keep going...." Kisses!