Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have a thing for rings

I have a growing collection and a keen interest in more exotic varieties. I often match my clothing to my ring, not my ring to my clothing. Perhaps that gives you a better picture of my weakness.

You'll understand my excitement when visiting UnaOdd's studio over Thanksgiving weekend and finding one of these little, engraved, acrylic numbers on her work table! I gave the proto-type a test drive.

I was thrilled to see she had started posting them to her shop. At just $12 each they are a real deal! They are comfortable and sturdy but so amazingly light weight! Which one should I get?

If you share my weakness for rings also check out The Carrot Box!

1 comment:

  1. Gen,

    That is so kind of you!

    I have been having fun with these... I've got a new variety started where I fused two different colors of acrylic together and then engraved them... hope to get some listed soon.

    I found The Carrot Box through your blog (thank you!) and have purchased some rings. Gotta love rings!