Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Muse has left the building!

I set aside the entire day today to work on pieces for the show next weekend. This was the last day I had decided to give myself leeway (ok don't quote me on that) to start any new work.

Got up early. Excited to get started and then...nothing. I just felt muddled, uninterested. How incredibly inconvenient!

Oh well. I refused to just sit there in that puddle and instead finished pieces that were already in progress. In the long run this was probably a good idea anyway. Many of these parts have been sitting around for weeks (or in the case of those round, white beads, months) while I considered how they would be used. The last photo shows a bracelet with its umbilical cord still attached. I might re-string it.


  1. oh my gosh, i totally want that bracelet you pictured here in this post.
    let me know if it's available.

  2. I know the feeling...all week long I am busy as can be and when I finally have some time on the weekend - nothing. Too exhausted.

    Ditto what Lorelei said. Those faceted roundels look great with the creamy white ones.


  3. Love your beads, some look like ivory.

  4. i am now triplicating on the bracelet - that is gorgeous... as much as i do not like to make 'repeats' - do it with this one, really... it's one of those ones that are super special... i am a huge fan of your carved beads to begin with, but the combination is perfect here... love the earrings too - the ones with the small red accents look like ladybugs...
    best luck - and don't fret too much - what you did today is real progress!

  5. I hate that empty feeling...thank goodness it's rare with me lately. Although...if I don't get rid of this flu thing that the family and I are sharing so equitably, I might end up staring into space a lot more...

    Finishing stuff has its own rewards though - wonderful you!

  6. Yes again to the bracelet! Loving the washes of paint on the facets -I've got some of that going on too! I swear we're joined a little at the brain.

    Love the disk earrings. Love them.

    You're doing just fantastic work Gen.

  7. I really love your work ! All the things you touch seems to suddenly go up in value... very nice and sensitive work !