Saturday, October 23, 2010


We've logged 18 hours in the car in the past two weeks visiting colleges with our daughter, started a new art program with our boys and I've start negotiating my way into the world of wholesale. (More on that when things get sorted out.)

Amazingly all this seemingly mundane stuff can be quite inspirational (well...we did drive through Vermont in autumn) but it hasn't allowed for much time in the studio. I am working on new rings though, trying to thin the band and add variety to the shape.

(Sam says he prefers working in polymer but 15 mins. of observational drawing every day is really helping him make progress in drawing!)


  1. Ugh, wholesale.
    Yay for collage!
    And super awesome for an art program!
    I hope he likes drawing but if not, there is so much out there for him to explore!

  2. me encanta todo tu trabajo. felicidades!!!!!