Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Turtle update

Some time between 11pm and 7am our snapping turtle left us. God speed turtle!
To answer one of the questions in the comments, no, turtles don't sit on their eggs they drop 'em and leave. But we will work to keep the eggs safe for the next 6-7 weeks. Once they hatch we were told we can move the babies to the stream. (Sam is having a little trouble being convinced that a snapping turtle wouldn't make a good pet.)

Our dog gets it that she isn't allowed to dig where the eggs are but we have some concerns about the neighborhood cats. We're thinking we should construct a wire dome of some sort.


  1. A wire dome might be a good idea! Rather than cats I would think raccoons, skunks or opossums would be the biggest danger. I think you might need a heavier duty construction to keep them out.

  2. Yes, a cover of some sort is in order. Hope you take some pictures. I'd love to see :)