Monday, December 26, 2011

And soon it will be new

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was lower key than most years and I loved it. We attended an outdoor Christmas Eve service with live Nativity this year. Starry sky, carols sung to a single acoustic guitar...its was probably the best Christmas church service I have ever been to.

I re-opened my shop today and will be running sales throughout the week. I like to do a lot of clearing out around New Year's including all aspects of my life. (Those of you who read my blog can also take advantage of free shipping...use FREESHIP as the coupon code when checking out ;-)


  1. thanks so much for your uplifting and powerful message on mine, love the positive :)
    that new ring looks incredible.
    have fun getting ready for the new year xx

  2. Is that a Lego nativity scene?? It looks so cute!

  3. Lynn, its actually Playmobil and in our house it is referred to as the Activity Nativity because unlike a typical nativity we encouraged the kids to play with it.