Monday, April 9, 2012


Action is the key word in Missing in Action. I've not actually been missing; I was here, just very busy on several different fronts, among them being refining my carved rings. I want better, more comfortable shanks (the part that actually goes around your finger) because I think WEARERS want more comfortable shanks.

The vermillion one here, along with several others, a bracelet and necklaces are on their way to Corey and Co. in Portland. My jewelry and Barbara's work! Its such a great match, in my opinion.

(This is the grey version of their think spring attitude.)


  1. Love the colours and the look of these rings, also the seemingly 'sanded' texture!

  2. Very cool rings. I love the jaggednedd, it reminds me of old bushman stone tools.
    Your interview on Studio Mojo has struck a chord. There are always too many foreign voices one needs to block out in order to be able to play creatively. But then everything in life is a compromise. I am always told that I cannot just keep accumulating beads. They are my babies though and they document my artistic path.