Friday, August 31, 2012

Semi - DIY

We encourage art, handmade and cooperative projects around here. This DIY/IKEA hack was my suggestion but Ben is doing all the work on our Custom Lack coffee tables.

Ben's work, partially complete
 I've seen similar tables with the legs custom painted before but I really wanted a personalized piece of family furniture where one of Ben's drawings could take center stage so I asked him to draw on the stop of stackable IKEA tables. (I think they're $7.99 each.) We can use one or both put together or stack them in a corner when we don't need them.

Ben did a quick sketch and set to work. He lightly sketched a basic outline with pencil right onto the tables. It was his idea to have the design work all the way across two tables so they look like one big drawing when placed side by side (see photo 4). They're a very dark brown but "read" as black so we chose white, oil-based, fine point, Sharpie paint pens which have a great finish and give him a lot of control. 

When they're complete we're going to coat them with a matte varnish so the paint doesn't scratch. A friend also suggested having a piece of glass cut to fit the top if you are going to stack them and want an upscale, shiny finish.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I was just staring at a Lack floating shelf in Ikea yesterday, considering it for Max's room....rejected it...but if it had looked like Ben's 'canvas', it would be a most amazing addtion to Max's new bright lime green walls! Bravo, Ben!

  2. ONG, he is amazing Genevieve! makes me want to dash over to Staples for some paint markers (and who doesn't have old tables that deserve that kind of TLC)

  3. This is wonderful! He is do talented.....

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Genevieve! What an artistic genetic inheritance the kids have! Wendy

  5. Hi there, just found your blog through the Knightwork blog. I love those tables! Gives me an idea for my kiddo. I'm looking forward to following your posts.
    LindaCO from Physaria Designs

  6. Wow! Those are so cool! Ben has quite the design eye.

    Love, love! It looks like he's spent a good amount of time looking into tidal pools. :^D

  7. Not all people have talent like that that's why you are so blessed to have that. The table gives a new look after adding this wonderful art.

  8. What a great idea! Hats off to Ben, he's very talented. This is a wonderful idea for a family treasure.