Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm experimenting with ear wires and with hoop earrings in general.

This carved hoop hangs but is still technically a post earring. I'm wondering if it would be better with the wire coming directly out of the back of the polymer (which might be a logistical issue, getting the wire embedded, but not something I can't solve).

Let me know what you think... and have a great weekend!


  1. I think the design is wonderful. Try both, but I love the rustic touch that the visible metal adds. Pairs perfectly with the texture of the circle.


  2. I'm with Lynn - but to me, it's not so much rustic as a little edginess against the soft scratched surface of the polymer. Soft polymer infinite circle against the abruptly ending oxidized wire. (excuse me if this reads like artspeak....but you get my drift...)
    I really love large post earrings that 'hang' just where your piercing starts!

  3. If I could speak English as fluently as Claire, I would say what she says. This wire is the little surprise in your minimalistic design.

    1. Thank you all for being my "classmates"! This is the kind of thing I miss from being in a shared studio - talking about designs. You guys made my week!