Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ornament translated.

More work in progress...

This design happened by chance. I had considered using a Christmas ornament design as a necklace. Reconsidered, thinking that I wouldn't like the end result. Then last week a customer (thank you Amanda) purchased the ornament saying she was going to wear it as a necklace! the necklace...and here is where I'm at with the design. The linen textured pieces are going to fall from a length of chain that will be connected to the bottom of the glass bead.

This necklace sits at my work table, approximately in this position while I ponder my next step. I work this way a lot. I tend to walk away from things for a day or more, working on something else while I think something through. I'm not sure that this is the most efficient method of working. Should I get into the habit of working a design through from beginning to end in my sketchbook FIRST? Perhaps then I could get going, straight away, and work all the way through on a piece. I fear that this work habit has developed due to the many "hats" I wear (homeschooling mom, housewife, artist...). I don't have large chunks of time that I just stay at one particular job and worry that my powers of concentration have atrophied.

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