Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lovely Spot of Green

My eleven year old son is quite keen on moss and wanted to give my daughter a moss terrarium for Christmas this past year so in true DIY fashion, we helped him put one together.

Now a month and a half out from the creation of this little indoor garden the moss is healthy and lush and lovely. I thought I'd share the easy instructions.

Collect supplies.
- Clear container - Glass containers can be found in any craft or garden supply store but may I suggest trying your own cupboards or a second hand shop first? A container with a lid is nice but a make shift lid will do as well. My daughter uses a lovely saucer from an old tea cup.
- Gravel - the kind for fish tanks works well.
- Sand
- Topsoil
- Moss - Look for a spot of moss growing in the wild, carefully taking just part of it if it is in a spot that you want the moss to continue to grow. We have moss growing on our roof in a spot that was safe and easy for my husband to get to.

Fill the container with layers, about one inch of each, gravel, then sand and then topsoil.

Lay moss on top of topsoil neatly and spritz with water.

Place your terrarium in indirect light (away from the window in a bright room) and water every 2-3 weeks.

Total cost for our terrarium $2! What a deal!

All photography for this post was done my daughter. Thanks Ema!

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  1. It's lovely! I'm feeling inspired. I've wanted to begin making terrariums for our class/dining room, but I'm a certified black thumb. I think I can handle it now, based on your instructions. And we have just about everything we need at home. Thanks for sharing.