Thursday, February 5, 2009

Widget and Wonder

Here are some new pieces that I am working on, venturing out from solids as I think and learn about how to make connections using polymer and sterling silver.

The grey and black earrings (which haven't yet had the bottom circle glued in place yet) even have handmade earring findings. I am really happy about this because I want to move toward totally handmade, beginning to end, pieces. I think when my abilities catch up to what I see in my head, I am going to be happier with my end result.

I went to the Baltimore Museum of Art yesterday on a group homeschool field trip. What a fantastic museum! (*Mental note to self: when I get stuck, don't sit staring at the studio walls, go to a good art museum!*) The docent made 2 minor errors (oh! I did listen in art history class!) but it didn't take away from the overall trip.

Museum photos were taken by my daughter, Ema.

The mosaics from Antioch are one of my favorite parts of the museum.

My son Ben can be moved to tears by artwork because he is so excited about seeing pieces from an artist that he knows and loves. I was alittle concerned that I would need to distract the other children from this teary eyed 11 year old when we went into the room with the Calder mobile. (do you think Alexander Calder imagined moving people to tears with his work?) Ben was beside himself! The first time we noticed this in him was when we had him at the MET when he was five and he stood in front of a Van Gogh self-portrait and cried! Awestruck he whispered "mommy, is that the REAL thing?" Another woman and I just stood there and watched HIM!

Photos don't do this mobile justice.

At the BMA my sixteen year old amazed me with her art history knowledge, discussing paintings she recognized. And at some point during the day my seven year old tugged my sleeve and said "I want to be a wood carver." I am not sure where that came from but unfortunately I had to tell him that he isn't quite ready for a knife and would he please consider starting with another material.

Little Dancer by Degas

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