Monday, March 23, 2009

Sustainable Storage!

Between art supplies, homeschool supplies and the landslide of items collected by little boys (rocks, sticks, metal washers...) I am usually keen on finding and organizing stuff. I land somewhere between simplifying (" if you don't clean this up, we are going to have to throw it away!") and purchasing better storage.

Sewing Momma has an attractive and clever solution! Fabric storage bins! (the one I just purchased is pictured here)

They are efficient on all accounts. They stand up on their own. Lay flat to pack (*more on this later) and can be machine washed. The inside is linen so it looks great even if you want to fold the top down. Such an improvement on a plastic storage bin! Check out Sarah's Etsy shop for bins in a variety of fabrics. Also check her out in the July issue of Parents and Newborn!

*Last year my family and I lived out of the country while my husband worked on a photo documentary. We had a simple little rental house provided for us. It was just perfect and had that spare feeling of a vacation home that I like. (why can't I seem to live like that all the time?) At any rate, one thing that was lacking was storage. We couldn't take much with us but what we had sat in piles. We really could have used one of these fabric bins for our boys small selection of toys (Have you ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night because there were left strewn across the floor? Are there words to describe that pain?). We could have used one in the bathroom for the tubes and bottles that lined the side of the sink. We could have used one for art supplies that were piled on a shelf. In short, these packable lightweight, washable bins would have made a temporary rental much more homey and organized.

Hmmm...sounds like I am already planning for the next trip :-)

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