Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yeah, that's my name and my earrings in a magazine. Surreal.

Yes indeed, I was Ronna Weltman's "lab rat" for her social media experiment and subsequent article in the Feb./March issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine. Over the course of several months last fall Ronna posted about my work on Facebook and Tweeted on Twitter while I watched my Google analytics and sales and reported back via email. The experiment concluded with a telephone interview.

I am very thankful to Ronna for choosing me as her guinea pig. The article in itself has been a great experience for me!


  1. How wonderful to see yourself in print! And so great that you were chosen to be her guinea pig. How lucky is that.

    That's what I'm clueless about... social marketing. I think it's more effective if someone else tweets/blogs about your work. Talking about yourself just seems spammy and ineffective. Like I said, I'm clueless.

  2. congratulations! that is wonderful and must feel so so good!

  3. So much to say here....
    But I will limit myself to; this is awesome! I am so proud of you, your work deserves recognition.
    I fell head over heels with your green bracelet, but all these pieces are gorgeous.

  4. Very lucky, for sure Lynn.
    And that has been my experience with social media marketing thus far. I have just had several really great situations come my way (certainly Ronna's experiment, some nice spots on blogs...).

  5. So well deserved - you do amazing, unique work. I love your newest pieces - all the angles and faceted surfaces.