Friday, February 12, 2010

Fevered pitch

The blizzard raged outside and I worked to a fevered pitch inside. I don't think I have ever had such a productive 24 hours but unfortunately the intensity may have been born out of worry.

Normally I really enjoy a good blizzard but during this one a friend had a heart attack and the stray kitty we've been caring for went MIA. Good news came late Thursday - my friend is doing really well and recovering from surgery and Bob Cat turned up unscathed. (Anyone need a Maine Coon Cat who is well behaved, talkative and gets along fine with dogs?)

I am struck that this colorful bracelet in waiting was born during these two dark days...or maybe that makes complete sense. The one blue bead was made several months ago and sat unused until I realized it could be the beginning of a chunky carved rendition of my Reef Bracelet.

I am carving, carving, varying my carving and varying my finishing techniques. Most of the pieces I am working on now are headed for the Radius Gallery but their siblings will be in the Etsy shop soon.


  1. first, i am so glad your friend is doing well -
    second, please do not tempt with with another fur baby - i have 5! :0)
    and your work is beautiful - makes sense that you worked with color and also that you chose a very detail oriented, work intensive effect while you were worrying... those beads are imbued with a lot of you in them - they must be very special...

  2. I would loooooove to have your Maine coon, I miss my King Kong (he was huge and gorgeous), but while they may get along with dogs I have a dog who really dislikes cats. Hope you find a home.

    Your beads are amazing, very different voice there. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  3. Who in their right might wants to part company with a Maine Coon?? Haha. I have a MC cross and he's the love of my life. I'd have a house full of them if I could :).

    Those beads are beautiful. I can't wait to finish my degree so I can try making jewelery all Summer :).

  4. Those beads are absolutely delicious.

  5. Sorry for such a stressful 2 days, I am glad everything turned out alright.
    Your carvings are fabulous, it is nice to see what you do with color!
    Take care, Genevieve

  6. Oh we would be keeping Bob Cat in a heartbeat...but two of our kids and my Mom (who lives with us) have cat allergies.

  7. Genevieve said...

    Oh we would be keeping Bob Cat in a heartbeat...but two of our kids and my Mom (who lives with us) have cat allergies.

    Ah, I see. If you lived in England I'd have him :). Would you like me to 'tweet' that he's looking for a new home with a link to your blog?

  8. Yes! Great idea!

    I will miss her (its a girl cat, with a boy name...long story) but we will be happy when she has a good home.

  9. I've tweeted her just now. Let me know when she finds a new home :).

  10. Some snow eh? Glad to hear that your friend is okay.

    If we didn't have two we'd take Bob Cat. We used to have three, then down to one. Then none. Back up to two with a pre-determined two cat limit. She's beautiful.

    Your work is just lovely Gen.