Monday, May 23, 2011

Hazards on the job

Big orders, lots of beads...beads, beads, beads. Soreness in one hand led me to try making the same small beads between the thumb and pointer finger of my other hand and lo and behold, I am polymer ambidextrous! (well, at least with that kind of bead)

This is one of the "rest" projects I am working on after both hands get stiff. I cut into my thumb on Saturday because I was carving and not wearing my leather finger protector. Amazingly its just about healed already. And I've learned my lesson.


  1. I experience stiffness and soreness in my hand too - but unfortunately I cannot work with my other hand - not unless squished beads are required! Hope you hands ease up soon.

    Beautiful "rest" beads by the way!