Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off you go...

Our daughter leaves for college one week from today. (can this really be happening?)

I made this necklace for her (and a couple like it for the shop). This type of beading is rather calming when the world feels like its rushing by.

So very timely...found a back to school treasury I was in over at The Handmade Gift Guide today!


  1. Gorgeous piece for a beautiful, talented, bright young lady finding her way! (((Hugs)))!

  2. oooh gosh ~ that's going to be a big change!!
    i love this necklace.

  3. Can't think about my girl leaving...but she is only 14. My time will come!

  4. Beautiful necklace! Love the bright colors grounded by the black beads. I'm sure she will love wearing it!