Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shape Exploration

 I scheduled "shape exploration" this week as the first step a new series I'm thinking about and made a short video of the process. The idea was to work quickly and see what I came up with - I was just looking for shapes.  The video is about 2 mins. but I think I worked for about 30 minutes total, only keeping the shapes I liked the best. 

The best shapes
The same thing could be done by drawing I suppose (fast drawings on inexpensive sketch paper)  but I enjoy cutting and I like that I end up with pattern pieces.


  1. Great brainstorming technique. I do something similar with drawing, then enlarge and reduce on the scanner. Cut them out and combine them again and again. Great way to get at some new designs.

    1. Very good idea - I hadn't thought about enlarging or reducing. I'll certainly play around with that!

      Its so much more effective for me to just get my hands working than to wait for an idea to arrive, fully formed in my head.