Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Don't forget the knot

Yesterday I added the last bead to this necklace and then dropped it to the floor. Beads went everywhere and two are now lost in "the bead vortex". (Do you have one? That place where beads that you JUST HAD in your hand get sucked into only to be found 12 months later?) And I am talking about the big beads, not the the tiny ones.

I crawled around on my knees for a while, searching, eventually adding other beads that work better anyway. Here it is completed and now posted to the shop. (with a very secure, glued, triple knot!)


  1. Oh my. I have misplaced 30 beads that I made and have searched hi and is now up to the patron saint of lost objects ( St. Anthony?)

    Lovely piece, makes me happy to look at it!

    Perhaps your beads got together with mine at the vortex!

  2. Beautiful as always... But I would bet you those two runaway beads that it is longer than 15.25 inches :)
    I have a bead vortex for sure and also some sort of phantom tool rearranger as they always seem to end up somewhere else on the worktable from where I coulda sworn I out them

  3. That bead vortex is apparently a cousin of the black hole one finds in the clothes dryer... the one responsible for disappearing socks!

  4. Yes, a polymer penchant, I have been visited by the phantom tool rearranger too! Maybe the phantom lives IN the vortex!

    Checked the dryer for the beads, a Half Baked Notion, just to be thorough. Not there ;-)

  5. I find putting the kids on it usually turns them up. My daughter went through a bead searching phase. Gorgeous work!

  6. So true, so true! Must be younger eyes ;-)