Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recycling plastics

I have to admit to suffering some guilt over working in plastic.
Its not plastic's "lowly" reputation that bothers me. And polymer clay, and what's being done with it, might actually be an excellent vehicle to help gain respect for plastics in general. Yes, someday I think plastic will be elevated to its proper status alongside other things we dig out of the earth, as gold and silver's super flexible, colorful, chameleon cousin. 

But for now...I am left with some guilt because, in addition to not quite being able to get completely away from "disposable" plastics (the bag), I like to carve already cured clay. So I am left with shavings of the kind of plastic that can't be recycled in my area yet. I've been seriously considering giving up carving because of my waste (that as you can see I save because I can't bare to throw it away). 

Then I saw Mike Biddle's  TED talk about the future of recycling and its given me new hope! Give it a listen if you have the chance. 


  1. Excellent post! The video is very interesting and insightful. Nice share!

  2. Have you thought about mixing it with other clays for a different effect? It could be a way to reuse!

  3. You can also cast them in clear resin for colorful "recycled" jewelry pieces, beads, etc. If you use a silicone mold you make yourself in whatever shape you need, you won't even have to carve the resin pieces once they're cured.