Thursday, March 21, 2013


After reading my last post about worry over waste, my daughter suggested I contact a company called TerraCycle to see if they are able to accept baked polymer clay for recycling. Does anyone send waste through their collection programs already?

TerraCycle Symbol on a plastic container

 They recycle all manner of plastics and their mantra is "eliminate the idea of waste" so I emailed them. I'll let you know what happens.


  1. you are wonderful person for doing this and for writing about this. i was considering polymer clay for quite a while now but its recycling question was bothering me and thus stopping me from even purchasing it :) thank you. and if it will be recyclable (if terracycle can recycle polymer clay), i will be happy to send scraps to them and it would be great to know that some polymer jewelry which might be longer needed (for some reasons) can be recycled.

    I'm from Europe btw.

    your artwork is beautiful, my favorites - chrysanthemum series, and oh rustic coloring, and everything, superb!


  2. This is PERFECT!!!mi am curious to know, Did they go for it? Did you sell the idea? If not, you should try a heartier price tag at a different company now! THIS is huge! LOVE IT!!!!