Sunday, June 7, 2009

Almost there now

We are nearing the end of our 7th year of homeschool/charter schooling and although I KNOW it is gets easier every year, the end of each year is usually a bit of a crunch. Thats where we are right now. I ease the tension with thoughts of the long stretch of summer the lies not too far ahead! (This new bracelet was great to work on days when my brain has felt fried - repetitive and time consuming but not rocket science)

A stomach bug and the death of my polymer clay oven have not made life any easier for the past 5-7 days. My germ free and ever supportive husband is testing out two new ovens for me now with even temperature control being the top priority. Based on temperature tests and the advice of Ronna Sarvas Weltman (gosh, she is nice!), I have decided to go with the Black and Decker convection oven. I hope to "christen" it by the end of the week.

Check out Ronna's new book and her amazing polymer rings (see one of my favorites below)! I sometimes feel a little stunted when I think of things I want to make in metal but can't figure out how to translate into polymer. The first time I saw Ronna's rings I realized I should reverse my thinking. Imagine all the things that polymer CAN do?!

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