Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Necessity...the mother of re-invention

The very first pieces I posted to Etsy were my mini watercolor illustrations set in polymer bezels. (polymer + interest in illustrating children's books = watercolor illustration jewelry...follow the math?)

I worked for months before I made one piece that I was happy with. But even after that each bezel was a struggle because I didn't want to use a mold and lose that slightly organic look. I can not tell you how many bezels I formed around the glass, then scrapped. Formed another, then scrapped it.

Finally, after a year and a half I had a eureka moment while wrestling a bezel and came up with a different, significantly better, cleaner, more consistent method. I can't say I "invented" anything here. Surely all I did was realize I could use my tissue blade in a different manner but wow, am I happy with the results! Its more geometric (although I can totally lose those corners if I want to) but I really like that contrast to the round glass. This new earring design will hit the shop soon.