Thursday, August 20, 2009

To bead, or not to bead?

That was the question.

Then I noticed (and where had I been?) the interest there seems to be in artisan made beads. So I'm experimenting with beads. Stamped beads. Swirled beads, rolled beads and spacer beads. I like where I'm headed.

I don't have a handy-dandy bead roller yet so everything is totally rolled/shaped by hand. I am quite picky about the holes being cleanly pierced through and have purchased some long, sharp needles that do the job quite well.

I will probably have some for sale in the shop soon and at New Freedom Fest next month.


  1. I've thought about doing beads as well. You're doing some lovely ones! I can't wait to see them in your shop.

  2. Gen-
    did I miss these? did they end up in the shop yet?
    I love em!

  3. Hey Lorelei - thanks!
    They will be in the shop soon! I'll email you a heads up when I they're ready to go.