Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Unwelcome Guest

Photos of what was happening here before the flu arrived.

We are on the mend but I would doubt I will have the energy to be back in the studio until the weekend. It hasn't been especially terrible but one of the worst things about being sick is that you have PLENTY of time to lay around and think about all things you wish you could do.


  1. Glad you are feeling better and almost ready for the studio. Very sophisticated beads you have there.

  2. Oh yuck! Hope you're all feeling much better and more energized soon! Beautiful pieces, as always!

  3. Gorgeous beads, and so inventive ! Hope you'll find enough energy to continue your artwork.


  4. Get better right away!

    I could totally relate to your comment about "PLENTY of time to lay around and think about all things you wish you could do". It's so frustrating to be so motivated and just lay there, to sick to even sit up.

    Those cocoon/half pod type things are exciting! And the beads are so sophisticated. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. So sorry you've been knocked over for a while. The H1N1 is hitting hard here in Quebec, half my son's and daughter's class have been home sick...(I'm hiding in a tent of polymer clay!)
    Sometimes the mental busyness is helpful, while you can't actually lift a finger. Sometimes, if the planets are aligned, you can work through technical problems in your head, then, when you are better - voila! Better work! Not always, though...

  6. Ugh. I know how you feel. I'm just getting over the flu. Laying around is the worst. Your work is looking great though!

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Yes Claire...been doing lots of drawing in my head!