Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have my first carved piece (earrings) finished and posted on my shop.

Part of the way through the process the design changed. The top photo shows my original plan for the drop (top left) and the bottom two show how the earrings eventually came out. This happens a lot with me. I sometimes think "it must look like I have no plan" but the truth is I always start with a plan...I am just very willing to change it if things head another direction.


  1. Gorgeous shapes and gorgeous colors Genevieve, and so original.

  2. Yes! I like your carved facets. I love how we discovered that we were working along a similar vein, yet the work is very individual... like fingerprints.

    Wonderful hewn quality. Organic and gritty.

  3. Namaste Genevieve,
    You can pick the woman with limited interction when she responds to a post from DECEMBER!!! I just wanted to say (apart from how beautiful your art is) how much I loved your comment about the truth being that you always start with a plan but are willing to change when things head in another direction. You'd be loving it here where change is the only constant!
    Wendy Moore