Monday, August 30, 2010

Creation and Evolution

I am on Voila today in the Current Topic Series: Evolution!

I am amazed and thankful for the opportunities that come my way, weaving themselves into my creative process. Finishing this bracelet, thinking through my process and retracing my steps was a great experience.

Tomorrow we start back to school and as part of the writing process I teach my kids to read compositions out loud, to slow themselves down and self critique their work before I read it. They want to rush and skip this step (just like I do) but slowing down and actually hearing what one writes weeds out mistakes and hones the strengths. Being part of Voila's Evolution Series was similar for me. I was forced to think about what I was doing because I had to write the "story" of how this bracelet came to be.

Thank you, thank you Christine Dumont!


  1. I'm off to check out the links you've posted but wanted to say two things. First, the bracelet is absolutely stunning-I love the textures. Secondly, my daugghter skips this step too! Evidenced in how she will start erasing or adding carets as she is reading to me, with a sheepish grin to my I- told-you-so eye! Have a great start with back to school.

  2. Great feature on Voila! I do like so much the flat edge aganst the wrist in this bracelet. It has made the jump from beads strung together and made into a bracelet to beads that were designed to sit on a wrist. Don't know if I'm making sense, but so much more a natural extension of the body....

  3. I love the size of these!

    Great idea about reading work out loud, I have to do this with my own writing.

  4. Genevieve, the evolution article got some good comments! They want more!