Thursday, August 12, 2010


I would have thought I'd come home from vacation permanently hunched over from all the time we spent looking closely at the stones, shells, sea glass, sand dollars and seaweed strewn across the beaches of Matinicus last month. I looked at pebbles closely, as I had been taught to do in Tracy Holmes class "A Day at the Beach, developing a criticial eye in regard to my own polymer clay versions. (This echoed my Dad's drawing instruction when I was little "always look at the thing you are drawing MORE than at your piece of paper".)

Here's my fiddling around. The more realistic looking ones have been sanded; the others are rough.

This might be what happens next.

And I am definitely headed in this direction but with custom sterling rings.


  1. Fantastic! I love your pebbles - they keep getting better and better! Keep "looking"! :-)

  2. these are beautiful - and it is good advice for art and for life - pay attention to what is there, not what your preconceptions are... i just adore your work - truly...

  3. they are so good. I'd love to learn to make pebbles.