Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time is almost up

Just a few more hours to save 20% off in my Etsy Shop. Use Christmas20 in the coupon code section at check out!

Restocked Stone Upon Stone Rings today. They continue to be my most popular piece. (I am sure being dubbed "cool" by Cynthia Tinapple was what did it!)

Lest you think I live a wonderfully bohemian/artistic life, the rest of my day went like this...upsetting orthodontist visit, ruined a custom carved ring and had to start over, bat in bedroom.

And thats where I am right now. Waiting for my husband to get home from work to save us from Dracula. This has happened before and we've found that a Lacrosse stick can be wildly effective. I think we'll eat out tonight.

I hope that you are having a much better day!


  1. genevieve, i have to admit that the pebbles are some of my favorites... so sorry about your day - it's funny, when you are working and making wonderful things it can feel so disconnected from the daily goings on... unless rock band is blaring in the background or bats are wreaking havoc...

  2. Bats in the bedroom...eek! Hope the Lacrosse stick worked. I love birds, flying mammals-different story.